Monday, July 23, 2007

3 tips to make your time more productive

Rumor has that time is money, and I couldn’t agree more. Time is money because all wasted time could be spent making money, and therefore there is an opportunity cost of time associated with it.

In accordance to my blueprint on how to make a million dollars by saving monthly, this tip will help you to save time and, therefore, money.

Audio books: Use the time you would be stuck in the traffic to listen to audio books and learn new things, especially things that will make you money. Recent researches show that average U.S. citizen wastes 1.1 hours per day driving. Use that time to learn something new! If you think you already know it all in your niche, try learning a new language, such as Chinese, which will probably be a superpower in 50 years time. Do that and you will increase your productive time in almost 7% (1.1/16, where 1.1 is the time you are gaining productivity and 16 is the amount of hours average person is awake per day).

Information overflow: There is so much information in the internet that you could spend your whole life browsing and not have time to read it all. It is easy to fall for it and spend countless hours research a money making opportunity and never take action. It does not matter how much you know unless you ACT!

Boring events: If you, for any reason, are required to waste some time in a boring event, such as a useless class, family gathering, etc, try using that time to be creative. Think new opportunities, analyze your current projects in light of improvement.

Just as an example, this article was written at 11,000 meters, while I am flying in my holidays.
This article may ultimately generate money since my blog makes me money through adsense.